Mickey and Friends Exploring the Jungle


Eric Dowdle’s Disney art is beautifully showcased in this classic presentation. Iconic Disney characters come to life in vibrant color on premium canvas, complimented by an elegant Satin Black Frame. This universally appealing design makes it the perfect addition to any Disney-themed room.Features

  • Canvas reproductions printed using premium inks that capture vibrant color
  • Presented in a classic Satin Black Frame
  • Ready to hang
  • Includes Disney Dowdle Certificate of Authenticity featuring tamper-evident hologram
  • Made in the USA


Image Notes

Growing up my backyard was hundreds of miles of what some people would call “a whole lot of nothing.” It felt like I lived on the edge of the frontier because, well, we did. Miles and miles of unexplored rocks, hills, cliffs, and ravines with animals as dangerous and scary as the stories we heard. Wyoming was still considered “The Wild Frontier.” So of course we had to go exploring. Taking our best friends and heading out on a great adventure was how we passed the time.

Exploring the jungle with Mickey and Friends is meant to bring back those thrills of knowing mischief is around every corner followed by certain danger with a dash of doom and just enough hope to know that everybody’s going to be OK. Mickey and friends show that if you can laugh, be daring and trust in each other, life can be a great adventure.

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Dimensions 19 × 2 × 22 in

Framed and Matted