Maleficent by Thomas Kinkade Studios!


We are pleased to present Disney Maleficent, the first Thomas Kinkade Studios painting to portray a classic Disney story from the villain’s point of view. Disney’s Sleeping Beauty has amazing characters that tell a story of how one’s destiny and true love can overcome all barriers, including someone’s animosity. King Stefan has incurred the wrath of Maleficent, the mistress of evil, by having excluded her from the christening of young Princess Aurora. Maleficent has cursed the youngster to an endless sleep by the pricking of her finger on a spinning wheel before her sixteenth birthday.

Thomas Kinkade Studios painted this art in the narrative panorama style, sharing many characters and moments from the Disney film Sleeping Beauty in one stunning painting. This painting captures Maleficent in both of her personas – as an evil fairy and when she shapeshifted into a dragon in the Forbidden Mountains.


18X27 + Framing and Liner

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Sleeping Beauty complete cast in one incredible image

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